Tuesday, June 28, 2016

There are no Mistakes in Art

Welcome back and thanks for stopping by. I'm so happy that you did because I'm looking forward to sharing my Seattle handmade cards and projects with you - seriously, you've come to the best place to find Seattle's BEST handmade greeting cards.

I've been watching a lot of Bob Ross lately, and although not a rubber stamper, Bob has a point: there really are not any mistakes in art. Maybe that's why so many people enjoy creating? Usually you can work something out of an unforseen outcome, and if you're lucky it turns out even better than planned. I feel that as long as you learn from your shortcomings, they are not failures (in life and art).

This is a new stamp that I purchased recently from a good friend of mine who owns an art store here in Seattle. It's a set of a couple in the rain and comes with some other stamps as well.

I used the marker to to rubber technique (I will show you exactly what I did in a later post) and masked the image off after stamping.
After accidentally dropping the rain stamp all over my paper, I decided just to roll with the image as it was (shown above) because I think it, although unintended, ads a layer of interest to the image.

I paired the stamped image with a piece I had created using a monoprinting technique with acrylic paints recently and VOILA!

A fun sentiment image finishes the card.

I enjoyed making this card as it was a lot of fun creating such a diverse piece. There is also quite a bit of texture involved in the card, so that's always a fun element. :) I just love all the texture and depth in this card. I know you and your loved one will love it as well.

Who wouldn't you love to receive this in the mail?
You can purchase my greeting cards here.

Monday, June 6, 2016

Craft Sale!

If you are in the area this weekend, please stop by and support me and the other crafters at this event. It will be super fun and a good time.  Bartering is welcome on my gently, pre-owned items.

See you there!!!

Saturday, May 14, 2016

Washi Tape Feminine Thanks

I love thank yous. They're probably one of my favorite types of handmade cards to create and give because they are so versatile. A thank you can be pretty much anything - thank you for being a friend, thank you for being you, thank you for that thing you did! It's pretty much an easy catch-all choice or excuse to send a nice greeting card to good friend. (Right, like we need more reasons send cute cards!)

I'm sure you will agree that we all would like to save on postage - it can become quite expensive when cards are too layered one is sending multiple cards to multiple people. Not to mention having to make a special trip to the post office! So I kept this design layered to only one piece and created texture, form and interest with washi tape instead. Slap a stamp on it, sign it and throw it in the mailbox and you're done! 

Friday, May 13, 2016

Colorful Sushi - I Like the Way You Roll!

Are you a sushi lover??? If you haven't tried it, you're missing out!!

This is a card I made a few months ago featuring a number of techniques including background stamping, Copic coloring, brayering and layering.

A super fun friendship greeting, the inside reads "I like the way you roll."

Leave a comment and let me know what you like about this card!

Artists Collective #2 - BiG eYes

Margaret Keane

Margaret Keane is a fascinating woman. She is an American painter and mixed media artist known for her "big-eyed waifs" that mainly depict women, children and animals. In 2014, Tim Burton (whose Artist Collective segment is forthcoming) directed a film aptly named Big Eyes, which focuses on Margaret's personal journey with art, her marriage to Walter Keane and his subsequent fraud and misrepresentation of Margaret's work (if you have not seen this movie, you MUST!) as well as the aftermath. She's even IN the movie! Margaret has been painting successfully for more than 60 years. In my opinion, Margaret Keane is one of the most prolific and influential artists ever. She is an American icon and a Modern Master. She is 87, paints every day and lives in Northern California.

You can learn more about Margaret here!

Thursday, April 7, 2016

Who is in your Artists Collective? #1

When I first read Austen Kleon's "Steal Like an Artist" and then his "Show Your Work" I was astounded at the simplicity of his ideas. If you have not read these books, then as an artist - YOU SHOULD. They are simple little books with big ideas for creatives like you and me.

Moving onto Kate Bolick's "Spinster" which I read recently. At first I did not care for this book at all, however when I completed it, I found that I had rather enjoyed the read and that it got me thinking about my own creative heros in my life.

So I put together a list of my creatives, with photos or snippets when applicable.

Frida Kahlo

Frida is probably one of my favorite artists, not only for her work but for her fascinating life. She was a surrealist (a label that she herself rejected, although her body of work is decidedly surrealist in my opinion) and which is an odd choice for my own tastes as I most definitely do NOT appreciate surrealism.

Frida regarded herself as a folk artist, a feminist and a communist. (Well, nobody's perfect.) She was married to that son-of-a-bitch Diego Rivera. They maintained their tumultuous marriage by "living apart together" and both had many affairs. Frida dressed in the peasant style for Diego, as that is what Diego preferred, and friends often remarked that Frida presented herself as a piece of art.

Who is one of your creative heroes? Leave a comment and let me know!

Stay tuned for the next artists to come!

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

RCA Victrola Phonograph

Check out my new fancy RCA Victrola Phonograph! It actually WORKS and I just about squealed when I found it.
Top down

Top up


I paid $60.00 for this piece and although it needs a $50.00 needle, it's in good shape and has a fold out speaker on the left. And it means I can listen to my Elvis records! :D And it looks pretty freakin' cool in my home. I was so thrilled with my find and I hope you like it as well!

Vintage Cocktail Earrings!

How many pairs of vintage cocktail earrings does a girl need?

One to go with every outfit!!
I found these screw back vintage earrings in a secondhand store near my house.

I liked this pair because they remind me of snowflakes.

These stood out because they remind me of my grandmother's era, circa 1950's, waterfall dressers, and classy perfume bottles with the little poofs at the end.

This pair I thought would be fun for the holidays, but I haven't had a chance to wear them yet.

Other delectable vintage goods and secondhand pieces can be found at The Furniture Guy!

Pink Elephant Wet Bar Project

I adore vintage barware and collect it, so I wanted to have something to showcase it. I put together the wet bar below from an old record player, which I purchased gutted.

Drunken pink elephant ice bucket. Vintage.

Vintage black and pink polka dots glassware with vintage caddy.

Here is the inside: my plans are to replace the doors (they are cracked) and mirror the inside of the doors. I also want to mirror the back of the entire piece and wire it so that when the doors open, the unit lights up. The bottom of the piece has a fabric covered speaker cover, which I would like to put a hinge on so that it folds downward. I want to hallow the speaker casing out and use that area for more storage.

This tray will eventually be taken out.

The glass piece above the tray is intact and wonderful. When I wire up the rest of the piece I would like to wire this to light up as well.

Obviously, I need to take a wiring class, but I feel like this is a very do-able project and I'm looking forward to completing it!

Leave a comment if you like this project. :-)

Monday, March 28, 2016

If it zips IT FITS!

Need I say more? I mean, really. lol Love this image from Art Impressions - Bonnie's art captures daily life perfectly! My two favorite lines from Art Impressions is the Girlfriends line and the Ai People line.  The pairing of the sentiments rounds it out - they're just so funny!

One of my favorite things to do with clothing or fabrics with my Copics is to create a pattern. I had a very good time designing this card with a patterned shirt and my Copics and chose something easy - a monochromatic pattern on the top, with jeans (tertiary to the secondary orange) to pop the color, with a soft pink in the background. Pink and orange go well together because they are analogous on the color wheel and its a nice soft blend.

I added a half doily for interest and layering

and stamped the sentiment, die cut it, distressed the edges and popped it up to create dimension.

The mint green behind the doily in a lattice pattern ties everything together nicely.  I added some candy dots in cream to continue with circle theme from the sentiment.

I hope you enjoyed reading about and seeing this card.  I hope that you will leave a comment and let me know how you like it!

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Punch Art Pink Flamingo

Who loves flamingos?! That would be me! And this guy was just too cute to pass up. I found the tutorial at Brandy Cox's youtube channel  Brandy always does such a great job with her designs. Although I am not affiliated in any way with Stampin' Up! (like, at all) I still like to pop in on Brandy and see what she's got going on.
Although I have not ever created punch art before, I was able to duplicate Brandy's design with what I had in stock and on hand, and I think this little guy turned out just peachy! This design makes me smile every time I look at it. All I can say is that the world needs more googly eyes!!

Are you a fan of the googly eyes?

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Miss Your Slippa at My Door

I love this card. To create this card I used an image from Rubber Stamp Plantation that I picked up last year during my visit. I chose the Large Ukulele Girl and masked her off, then stamped once again over her with an image from Impression Obsession. I then created another matting of the same and had a bit of fun with coloring, resulting in two separate color schemes of the same design.

I kept the green one because I think its nice to look at and I enjoy the design so much.

Which one is your favorite? The purple matting with the pink flower or the green matting with the orange flower?

Please leave a comment and let me know what you think!

Red Briefcase Handbag for Hawaii

Hello all and thanks for stopping by to check out the blog! I'm so happy to be back and be sharing some new posts with you. Its been a while, so lets get started.
Like most women, I love handbags! Here is a neo vintage piece that I acquired last March for my April/May trip to Hawaii.

I packed this handbag all over two separate islands! It was a good thing, too because it has plenty of room and after my major shopping hauls I needed all the room I could get!

The bag incudes red leather with matching extending strap, and black and white gingham sides and matching bow. The gold tone hardware round out this great piece - love the details!! It's manufactured by Madison for and I found this beauty at my local GoodWill. I paid $15 for this brand new handbag (still had the wrapping and everything!) that really was a life-saver during the two-week trip. The bag is rather large so it can double as a small briefcase or computer bag as well. In my case, I didn't bother with the laptop because I needed the room for magazines and books and coloring projects for the plane on the way over and back. The more delicate items I was able to pack back in another item I picked up while over there.
Love the color, love the size, love the bag. This is a great item so keep your eyes peeled for Madison products useful for travel and business. I love mine and use it frequently.

Sunday, March 13, 2016

Sewing a 1950's Dress

I've never sewn a proper dress before. In my Junior year of high school in my Shakespeare class I made a shitty reproduction period gown on a half broken sewing machine, which surprisingly didn't turn out that poorly, minus the bright teal color and some minor gaposis, but overall, not a proper dress. So this Cheetah print 50's dress was really one of my first sewing projects of clothing that I intend to wear.

I decided to use Butterick's B6055 Retro 50's pattern for starters. Its a pretty straightforward pattern and I washed and pressed the fabric before I began cutting out my items.

Cutting out the various pieces

The top cut out. The right hand side has been left open for the zipper.

Working on the collar.

The collar should not have been as much of a challenge as it was, but I got through it. :P Not sure how professional it is, but hey, works for me!

Moving onto the skirt.
Separate panels cut and sewn together. Flipped right side out.
Now all that's left is to: sew half the bodice, attach the bodice to the skirt, insert a zipper (YIKES!!!) and hem the skirt. Also, fittings.  So, if you have any suggestions in working with zippers for a COMPLETE zipper noob, please leave a comment for tips and suggestions!! With zippers I can use all the help I can get - they are notoriously difficult to work with. Much appreciated!

Saturday, March 12, 2016

Vintage Faberware Coffee Maker

It's amazing to me what people throw out! I found this complete vintage coffee maker on the side on the road in a "free" pile. I'm actually quite thankful for this piece. Its complete - wire/cord, coffee basket and pump, and although I do have a Keurig machine, I do not always use because its hard on the environment. (All those pods!) That, and I've got a bunch of yummy coffee I brought back from Hawaii that I've been enjoying with this little guy. After and since I brought it home, cleaned it up and sanitized the pump and coffee basket and plugged 'er in, I've been able to enjoy my ground coffee in vintage and practical style. :-) I've also found that, unlike the Keurig machines, you can control exactly how strong you want your coffee. Its cheaper to own a regular coffee maker as well because you just buy the ground coffee in bulk and you're set.

If you're interested in owning your own Faberware percolator, you can find them at most major online stores such as Sears, Macy's, and JC Penney. Or, if you have a knack for searching for and finding things that may not always come complete, you can find replacement parts at various places online. Just make sure to give the correct model number!

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